Saturday, March 14, 2015

If You Give a Princess a Braid

If you give a Princess a braid, she's going to squeal, "I'm Elsa!" and run to her room. She'll come out wearing the fancy Elsa dress she got for Christmas. 
She'll pose like Elsa and pretend to build ice castles in the living room.

When she's finished, she'll ask you to take a few pictures.

(Hopefully she won't be a perfectionist about it. If she were, say, 30 years older, she might be distracted by those winter clothes on their way to storage but still in the living room. But since she's not. . . moving on.)
Then she'll want to look at her pictures to be sure she got the Elsa pose just right. Which, of course, she did. 

When she sees her pictures, she'll notice her bare feet. She'll start looking for shoes. She'll look all over the house for play heels since Elsa doesn't wear regular shoes. Elsa only wears ice slippers. 

She'll get carried away and search everywhere for the slippers. Then she'll remember they're in the storage unit. She'll ask you to go outside and find them for her.

You'll sigh but find them anyway, and she'll put them on and dance around.

When she finishes dancing, she'll probably be tired. She'll want to relax on the couch. You'll have to turn on Netflix so she can watch My Little Pony and rest her sore feet. 
She'll relax for a minute then ask, "Mommy, can you bow down to me now?" 

And you'll say, "No way, kid. The queen doesn't bow to the Princess."

She'll look at you like you've finally lost it. 

And then she'll ask for a cookie. 

Living the dream, 

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