Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ya Win Some. . .

Once upon a time, there lived a well-rested Princess. Each night, she slept peacefully within the bounds of her Royal Crib, dreaming sweet baby dreams.*

Overnight that Royal Princess grew into a toddler. Suddenly, she became a Royal Escape Artist, clambering out of her crib with ease.

And so the Princess's mommy and Preacher made a difficult decision. . .

Transforming the Royal Crib into the Royal Toddler Bed. Princess was so excited!

Maybe too excited.

Night after night, she slept in her bed. . .

Until she woke up. Every hour. Every night. Again. . .

And again. . .

And again. Until finally, Royal Princess resorted to sleeping in all manner of un-Royal places. . .

Every. Night.

After weeks of this battle, her parents -- overcome with exhaustion and concern -- did what any intelligent ShoeFitz reader would have done long before:

They reverted back to the Royal Crib.

And they all lived happily ever after.


*Honesty-in-Blogging Disclaimer: Newborn Royal Princess didn't sleep through the night in her crib, wrapped in blankets. She was born in July, for heaven's sake! But it was a sweet little photo op, wasn't it?


  1. Our 2 1/2 year old never slept in his crib, only his playpen when he was a baby. I finally gave up and let him sleep in his playpen. Then when he outgrown it, he went into a toddler bed. Then I would wake up in the middle of the night and he'd be in bed with me and I'd haul him back downstairs to his bed. Then I got pregnant and couldn't carry him back downstairs and with the farmer traveling all the time, he just stayed there. I just keep telling myself that he won't go to college still needing to sleep with his mommy. :)

  2. My first child (and coincidentally, I used to call her Queen Alexandra) was catapulting over the side of the crib at about 20 months, bed seemed too high for such a little toddler with a bend toward stunt artistry, ended up putting a regular mattress on the floor. Not royal princess like, but for some reason, she stayed in it and there were no more escapes.

  3. @Lisa - Too funny! Sounds like you have a snuggled on your hands. :) Royal Princess absolutely, positively refuses to sleep in bed with me, so I'm thankful she was willing to go back to the crib!

    JBlieu - I considered putting a mattress beside the crib, just in case Her Royal Highness feels brave again. I guess that's Plan C! So far she's stayed in her crib all night since that first escape, but there's no guessing what this child will do! (Love the Queen title, by the way; must be a first-girl thing.) LOL :)