Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Several weeks ago marked the beginning of Little Man's kindergarten year. After much thought and many discussions ending with, "I don't know," the Preacher and I decided to homeschool him for the time being. 

Little Man thought it was a smashing good idea until he remembered something he'd seen on tv and groaned, "Aww, man. I don't like school!" 

My mommy brain raced into lecture mode: "He doesn't like school?! He's never even been to school!"

Thinking twice about the whole lecture thing, I replied enigmatically, "We'll see." (Clever, right?)

And then I started decorating. 

He oohed and aahed, while Royal Princess cried. (She hates it when Her Older Highness moves furniture.)

Still, I worked my fingers to the bone. Or maybe I worked until it was halfway finished and then went home to visit family for a week. But the end result was the same: It got done, and Little Man loved it.

In case you're slow to the draw tonight, I'll just say it out loud: The school room is in our dining room. 

And while I was at it, I thought I'd throw in a loveseat, so now the Preacher generously calls this his "reading room." (Really it's just a couch and a lamp, but I love that guy for his gratitude. *swoon*)


That's pretty much it. Books, desks, pencils, marker boards, signs . . . and not one single picture of the entire room all together. Because I'm awesome, and really getting back into the groove of blogging. 

(If I were the type to say, "Ahem," this would totally be the place to do it. But we all know I don't do that.)

Before I fall into bed, dead to the world after weeks of hard work teaching phonics, reading, cursive, and the concept of zero, I thought I'd share the best part of homeschool: The Little Man himself.

Yes, he's wearing his Batman (pajama) shirt. And no shoes. Happy school!
This is the pose he earned after smiling through millions of happy-face pictures.*
Some other day, I'll blog about my brilliant solution to teaching rambunctious, two-year-old Royal Princess while Little Man does his kindergarten duties. For now, I'll leave you with this: 
(Did you see it? Hint: She's not usually green.)

Loving this, 

*I am required by all that is holy to note that in no way does this barefooted, superhero-shirted, marker-wearing homeschool day represent other families who choose to educate their children at home. Thank you for your understanding.

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