Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Danger: Or The Top 5 Reasons This Blog Took So Long

In case you were wondering, I jotted down a few excuses reasons for my procrastination. :) Enjoy? 

5) The Expert Expectation: When I read blogs about cooking or mothering, I hear the writer's voice in my head. She sounds just like my first grade teacher, an expert who knows lots of things I just don't. And naturally, she's perfect. Her hair and nails are done, and when she takes a picture of her children, they don't have breakfast syrup stuck to their dinnertime chins.

But in the interest of truth-in-blogging, I state for the record: I'm not an expert at anything. My hair is a wreck, and my kids fell asleep with syrupy faces. (I think we like it that way.)

4) Picture Imperfection: Everyone knows the best blogs include beautiful pictures, so-called amateur shots taken with pricey cameras by experienced mamas. Picture-less blogs are so dull!

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth: I'm no photographer. Thus --

It's really a shame, because my kids are so cute. They DESERVE a mother who can take amazing pictures. Hope they don't head off to find a mom who can do them justice. . .


3) Non-Thomas-Aquinas-ness: If you're a Christian who blogs, then naturally you'll be a Christian Blogger. You'll type out deep spiritual workings in poetic symbolism, and you'll post hard-hitting YouTube blurbs from favorite preachers. Definitely, for sure and for certain, you'll never explore topics like dirty socks, or your inability to enter your laundry room without crying.

My husband's advice to me? "Just blog about life." Blogs exist by the hundreds for spiritual exercises, and I'm intimidated by the thought of adding to the mix! So here I'll write about life as it comes, in days and months and years; and if "to live is Christ," then I'll pray our journey brings Him joy.

2) Blog-Speak: Bloggers say strange things. Case in point: Have you ever heard someone in real life use the word "Ahem"? Yeah, me neither. Or this: *Smile*? Creepy!

Resolved: No ahems. And I'm never going to use the word "blogosphere" again. Ever. *Smile*

1) Blogger's Block:  I already have it, and this is my first post. What does this mean about me? Will I make it in life? Am I a mess? Do I have What It Takes? Can you hear me now? Hello??

Anyway. For now, my plan is to write, and I do hope you'll read. This is our life; welcome to the adventure!


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  1. I know what you mean about your kids growing up too quickly. It seems like yesterday that your Dad and I were cutting out special shapes on the grilled cheese sandwiches for you and your sisters. Love the blog and we love the people in the blog. :)