Friday, February 18, 2011

Accidents & OtherDents

Some of you never experience chaos. You're with Edmund Burke: "Good order is the foundation of all great things."

Here, I'm still figuring out what exactly "order" means. If you've been reading here lately (hello again!), you know what I struggle with sometimes - pushing for perfection where there's really just life.

If you're one of those chaos-free folks, I hate to upset you! (The Preacher says maybe I should write something controversial to warm things up around here, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet!) So if chaos ruffles your feathers, just stop right here, bow your head, and say a prayer for us. I'll see you Monday! Amen.

For the rest of you, take a gander at this sassy Princess. Did you notice her cheeks? (You: *moved beyond words by her cuteness*) Now look behind her at that big pole in the background - the solid steel pole that holds our clothesline. Remember that pole.
Now look at this boy. Note his sweet face, his fearlessness:
Imagine this strong boy running full-speed. Flying free through the yard, laughing as he looks back over his shoulder. . .

Stopping suddenly as that blasted pole jumps right out in front of him. 


If I were a more organized blogger, I'd have taken a picture the night of the OtherDent. Happily, by the time I'd regained my senses this morning, Little Man was back to running full throttle.

Chasing order, running happy, meeting chaos, patching up, running happy all over again.

That's my Little Man's chaos theory. 

Not as Brave as My Son,

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  1. OH NO!! Our poor Little Man's head! Tell him Nana sends a big kiss to make it all better. And, Love the Little Princess's Trio's. Lol