Friday, February 4, 2011

Some of You

Yesterday I was thinking about myself (which you never do, but bear with me just this once, ok?), and I realized something. When I walk through my house, all I see is a multitude of things undone: Need to sweep again. Pick up granola bar wrapper. Hurry and clean up cereal before someone smashes it. Well, scratch that. Vacuum smashed cereal crumbs.

It came to me that something's wrong with that -- all that focus, I mean, directed toward making our home into Ye Olde Museum.

Around here, two little tiny folks chase my heels. Today my husband The Preacher said, "I think it's cool the kids follow you everywhere you go." Hm.

And so The Preacher made me think of someone. Way back in Sunday school, didn't we learn about a guy with a bunch of (kinda clueless) people trailing after him all the time? People who asked him a bunch of questions and then fussed over the answers? People who argued about who was his favorite? People who didn't see the big picture - but chased His heels all the same?

This morning, I told my son it was time to pray; out of the blue, he declared in his Little Preacher voice: "Just like Daddy said at church, 'Some of you been prayin', some of you been workin', some of you been usin' the potty, some of you been playin' with toys. But did you ask the Lord?'"

I'm not sure what made him think of that (and I'm absolutely certain he wasn't quoting his daddy verbatim!) - but it's food for thought, isn't it? I've been prayin' and workin' and . . . y'know, all that. "But did you ask the Lord?"

So I think it's time to shift my focus. There's something amazing hidden under this parenting thing. If it takes a little digging to find it, then I've got my shovel ready. Tomorrow's a new day! *smile* ;)

(And with that, friends, I'll see you Monday! Well, unless something ridiculous happens tomorrow, in which case I'll be forced to keep you posted.) 


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  1. Hi Becki! I found your blog through Time-Warp Wife and it seems that we have much in common. I also have two children and a husband who is a pastor. I enjoyed reading this post and had to stop and think about myself this morning as I am getting ready to do a little I focusing on what's really important?? Thanks for making me think. Have a blessed day, Jana Endris

  2. Hi, Jana! I just read your "Merry Go Round" post, and I have to say - our lives sound very similar. Praying for peace and strength for the Endris family today as you do the Lord's work! :)

  3. I know it’s Sunday morning – a long time since “Walking With Him Wednesday”. But it took a long time to get through the “Multitude Monday” posts – and still didn’t get past 140 or so.

    Oh the idea – to make your home a museum a living Scrapbook.

    Heart that! And the reminder of the little one – to consider God. Beautiful.

    These words were a blessing today. Thank you.

    God be with you and yours