Friday, February 11, 2011

The Trouble with Waterfalls

The Preacher and I have been married 10-1/2 life-filled, ever-changing years. For our anniversary last summer, we went to a cabin in Canaan Valley, WV; this was the view from our front deck:

(Funny side-note, just to remind you where you are: When we arrived at the cabin, we decided to head to the grocery store before check-in. Our  GPS was as lost as we were, so we asked a worker for directions to Walmart or Target.

She laughed. Hard. For days. Heads-up: When you go to Canaan Valley, don't ask a local about the nearest Walmart.)

On our second day, we visited Blackwater Falls. It was majestic. Incredible. Loud! We stood still while the waters raged.

The trouble with waterfalls is that it's tough to capture them. How do you shrink them into inches? My camera wants to grab each drop of water, but by the time the shutter closes - those drops are surging toward the ocean.

The majesty is in the movement; pixels have a hard time with movement.

But isn't that life? I capture moments, jotting thoughts and stories; and there's something solid in remembrance.

But the nature of life is movement. These jottings, in seasons to come, will bring me back to days past. In that, they're a gift (to myself? my Preacher? my kids?). But I don't stop time here, and I can't freeze life into words.

I guess instead I'll just catch the Moments as I can - in hopes that reading these ramblings will someday bring the roaring waters back to my ears.

Taking a picture anyway,


  1. Lovely photos and even lovelier thoughts. You're right, you just can't freeze things as they are. That's what's so special about writing (and taking pictures). We can try to capture a little bit of the memories to bring out and cherish later. Thanks for the thought-provoking words :)

  2. Lynn - Thank you! And I agree - it's a blessing to be able to capture memories for tomorrow. I guess that's how we make them last. :)

    Mom - **hugs**