Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ark

Rain is a funny thing, isn't it? Have you had gobs and piles of it lately?

Enough to last you 'til next spring, maybe?

We have. Last week, we drove halfway across the country for a few days, and the rain drove right along behind us.

I was reminded of an important life lesson on that trip: When you walk through the downpour. . .

You're going to get wet. So always carry an umbrella in April.

And that's your public service announcement for the day.


Just kidding.

Seriously, I know rain can be a real headache sometimes. It ruins picnics, turns bad hair days into worse hair days, and smears mascara everywhere.

It can even transform fields into lakes:

Drop on top of drop, all piled up together, water wields a power that's hard to explain.

What a mystery,  this mighty stuff that runs through our fingers, bathes our babies, fills our bellies. . .

Feeds our flowers, and washes away dirt and homes alike.

It's hard to know how to feel about rain, isn't it? Sometimes it's more than just a headache; sometimes it's a heartache.

So for our friends in the flood lands, about ready to build an Ark,

And our friends picking up the pieces after mile-wide, open-mouthed monsters,

We're praying that May flowers and ripe fields reappear for you soon. Praying --

And putting feet to those prayers,

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