Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seriously. Or Not.

Hello, friends! As you've guessed, I took a little break from ShoeFitz this week; we were out of town enjoying time as a family, which didn't leave much spare time. You'll be happy to know that we had a fabulous Easter. In retrospect, though, I feel the need to confess a few things. . . maybe.

First, these are not some of the only Easter pictures I took of my children:

They couldn't be the only pictures of my kids on Easter. I just bought a new camera! And Little Man is missing, along with his new shirt and tie. *sigh*

(Doesn't look like I'll be winning the Mother of the Year award anytime soon, does it?)

You'll just have to take my word that the kidlets looked adorable in their Easter getups, and Little Man definitely didn't stain his new shirt. With strawberry juice. Or syrup.

Nor did Royal Princess have a. . . um, baby-style clothing disaster during church. She definitely wasn't wrapped up in just her pink blanket while her mother frantically searched for a new outfit. And certainly no one laughed and said, "Aww, she looks like a cherub!"

But I don't have any pictures of that. (Seriously, I don't.)

Also, I didn't wake up at 5am Easter morning to the sounds of a mouse scurrying around my kitchen. I didn't stand there like a statue, and of course I didn't spend the entire Sunrise service, Easter breakfast, and morning worship utterly distracted by the thought of mice. . . er, evidence in my pantry. You know I would never do that.

And then I didn't go ten hours away on Easter for a family trip, and completely neglect my blog.

(Or maybe I did do that last one.)

How was your Easter?

Trying not to start complaining, even after Lent,


  1. Well we miss you. I hope all are well. Much love to the bunch. :)

  2. Miss you much, too!! Can't wait to come visit soon. :) :) :)