Monday, April 4, 2011

Not Pouting

I used to have a daughter.

Technically, I still do. But I mean she used to be my daughter, a real true-blue mama's girl. My Royal Princess.

But suddenly, I think I might've lost my girl. . .

To that man there. That Preacher. Did you see him?

Yeah, I think the Preacher has stolen my baby girl's heart. *sniff* Preachers aren't supposed to steal, are they? Don't you feel sorry for me, dear reader?

You should hear the way my Princess says, "Hey, Daaaadddddyyyyy!" It's ridiculous.

I just can't figure out why she'd prefer him to me. Is it because I put her in timeout. . .

. . . While he does this?
On second thought, I just might like that Preacher after all. He's good to my girl. Maybe he'd be willing to share that sweet baby Princess with his old wife.

Either way, all I know is this -- I'm keeping this one:

Tonight at church I picked him up to hug his neck, and someone did a double-take. I'm not sure if it's because he's almost as tall as I am, or because he looks older than his five years, but that Little Man is still --

My son
My boy, and
My kidlet,

And I plan to pick him up and hug his neck as long as I can.

Too bad the Princess won't let me hug her anymore.

Definitely not pouting at all,


  1. My two girls, especially Vestel, always preferred their Daddy. They still take up for him. I think the fact that Mommy is with them and is the one that does most of the dicipline, Daddy's get a free ride. You are fortunate to have a son, I never did.

  2. for the first 8 of the last 10 years (up till kaidy was born) I dealt with the loss of FOUR lil girls... The power of the Daddy is strong, they are pulled in everytime. Now my Kaidy Bug ..... He's allllllllll mine! :D

    Empathizing with your pain,
    Blue :P

  3. Sis. Janice - I feel for you! Girls seem to side with their Daddy, don't they? Probably because Daddy sides with his girls, too. :)

    Blue - So glad you got your little man at last! Sounds like you needed him!! :)