Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning

Here in the Fitz house, last week was a very busy one, with good friends and their three sweet kiddos visiting for special church services.

(I'm keeping this one. Don't tell.)

And can I share something with you? It's easy when you're running, to forget to look for gifts. Yet there's no better time to keep looking, than when you really don't have the time to look.

(Wait, did that make any sense to you? You: *scratching head*)

Since I promised the usual excellence today, I'll share a piece of the view from here lately. Maybe this way, I can keep them forever.

(The memories, I mean, not my friends' kiddos. Except maybe one of 'em.)

Gift #675: Gingham, bloomers, and blue shoes

#676: Boys' eating pizza...

And more pizza. (Don't even think about asking for a piece!)

#677: Hair bows! And a girl Beauty, happily playing dolls with Royal Princess.

#678: Springtime, signs of life everywhere.

And this morning, I'm thankful for a fresh spring day -- warm before the storms (#679). I know it's Monday, and maybe a sin for me to say this, but:

Don't you just love fresh starts?

Make Monday a fresh start.



  1. TGIM! I like fresh starts too.

  2. I clicked over from Ann’s link again.

    First of all – yes that made sense :) It’s like the best time to pray is when I don’t feel like it – and the best time to make sure to go to church is when I don’t feel like it. I get it. And you might remember that I heart picking a favorite from each list – my favorite from yours this week is: #678: Springtime, signs of life everywhere. (and yes – even through the occasional snowstorm and tornado spring I think now has finally kicked winter to the curb – I expected winter to put up one last fight – and it did – but I think it’s done now) {smile} and thank you for this.

    God bless you and keep you – and all of yours.

  3. Rose - TGIM! Or I guess it's TGIW now. ;)

    Craig - God bless you, too. Thanks for stopping by. I can never decide which season is my favorite; they all have their good points. But spring is a contender! :)