Monday, April 11, 2011


Will someone please tell me where the last several weeks went? Our evangelist friends left Thursday after carving out nearly two whole weeks to be here with us, and another dear friend came for a visit on Saturday. Between services, visitation, and other various church functions, today is The Preacher's first day off in over two weeks. Not that he's taking a day off. (Amen, pastors' wives?)

You know I never complain. I'm so over that! *ahem* And I don't have anything to complain about; this is the life we love, the work we want. We love this work -- even when it's consuming.

So today, on the first weekday of a new week, it's time to set aside time for gratitude. On purpose, to remember our gifts. As Ann Voskamp says:

"I will not desecrate this moment with ignorant hurry or sordid ingratitude. . . Here is the only place I can love Him" (p. 70).

And here we are.

This week, no numbers. (Who can number so many gifts? I've run out of numbers.) This week, just remembrance.

Just slowing to see.
Royal Princess, hiding from bedtime
  Life is beautiful. Powerful. Mysterious. (Busy.)

And very, very good.

Loving it,


  1. Just visiting from Ann's. :) I like your background!


  2. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Awesome.
    "...this is the life we love, the work we want. We love this work -- even when it's consuming."
    I need this on a shirt and a bulletin board in my home!
    Great encouragement.
    Many more blessings to you this week!
    Counting with you,

  4. I appreciate your encouragement, Lora. Blessings this week.

    Counting 'til the numbers run out,


  5. As a pastor's daughter, I can attest to the never having a day off. As an adult now, I am attending a church that offers a Saturday evening service. My husband, son and I attend on Saturday and Sunday has become a true day of rest for us. We have family breakfast and spend time together enjoying one another. I do not regret all that my family gave up so that my father could pastor and if God were to call me back into that I would gladly go, however, I'm enjoying my time laying down by still waters in green pastures.

    God bless you and yours as you minister to His Body.

  6. Worship Warrior - Thank you so much for stopping by today, and thanks for your encouragement! Your comment brought tears to my eyes; I pray we can raise our children with no regrets in this work, as well. Most weeks are not so busy, but the kids are always foremost in our lives, no matter the season.

    God bless you and your family. :)