Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dare Ya

Did you know Easter is coming?

Of course you did. (You've been to Walmart, right?)

Let me ask you a serious question: How many Cadbury mini-eggs have you already eaten? Wait, don't answer that. Nobody. Answer. That.

In some circles, Easter is pretty controversial. (And no, not because of the sugar.) 

It's controversial partly because we can teach kids to stare at the pretend of Easter, but lose sight of the Truth. And that's valid -- it's awfully hard to find balance as parents. Thankfully, God made kids resilient.  
But I have a different idea from my own life: I think adults (who don't have the good fortune to get baskets of chocolate bunnies) lose sight of the Truth, too. In our Easter dresses and Easter hats, Easter egg hunts and Easter pageants, Easter sunrise services and Easter songs, it's easy to get

Prideful (Oops, scratch that!), and
Just plain worn thin.
Oh, and did I forget to add -- forgetful?

I'm already feeling it around here. I'm stowing away candy (for the baskets, silly!), shopping for shoes to match Royal Princess's dress, and praying I'll find pants to fit Little Man's long, long self. 

I'm getting distracted by the presentation of Easter, and forgetting all about the Power of this Day of days. The day His followers didn't realize they'd been waiting for; the day we over-prepare for, yet somehow manage to under-experience.

Am I all alone in that? Maybe.

So I'm daring myself to stop. Stop running around like a headless chicken (eww, do they really do that?), stop preparing for a perfection that won't come anyway, stop forgetting to remember the whole point. Stop, and then go -- slower this time.

I'm daring myself to downshift a couple gears, to teach my kids by example that Easter isn't about presentation; it's about Resurrection.

Oh, and by the way. . .
I triple-dog-dare you.



  1. That's a great perspective on Easter! It is so easy to get caught up in all the traditions that we lose sight of the real purpose. Thanks for the reminder to slow down!

    Visiting from Women Living Well. :)

  2. Thanks, Becky! Slowing down is becoming the theme of my life, it seems. :)

  3. Love it. Slowing down to enjoy the meaning of Easter is such a good and necessary thing. As well as for other meaningful holidays. Thanks for the reminder!!! Stopping by from WLW linky!

  4. The Easter candy after Valentines Day is killer. I have eaten no less than 10 bags of cadbury eggs already.
    I think the purpose of Lent and fasting is supposed to slow us down, but we do not live in an easy society to move slowly in.
    Your post made me think of some sermons I have heard lately about swimming upstream against the culture. When you swim against a current you definitely move slowly, but it does take some very purposeful (hard) swimming.
    Sometimes it feels easier to eat another bag of Cadbury eggs. Sigh.

  5. @Little -- Thanks for stopping by! I usually try to slow down at Christmas (emphasis on *try*!!), but Easter seems to fly past before I know it. :)

    @Jblieu - Cadbury eggs are (one of) my downfall(s)! And you're right; it seems to get harder to slow down every year. Swimming against the current might help me burn off some of those Cadbury calories, though. . . ;)

  6. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Okay, I don't normally scream in comments, but this is one of my favorite posts all week! (and you mentioned the 'eggs' so ummm, yes.... I've had a couple) ;)

    I'm a new follower. LOVE this! Thank you.


  7. Every year, every holiday, I feel the same way. Once we got rid of the "secular", we still drown in the "to do" list of what we think is more holy and God centered.

    And yes, the chickens do run a little at first, headless. :)


  8. Melanie -- Scream away! LOL - And thank you so much. (Amen about the Cadbury eggs; I've had, um...a few.) :)

    Lora - Eww, chickens!! :P You're right: No matter the season or the celebration, we're always drawn away. Makes me extra thankful that in every season, and every celebration, Christ draws us back anyway. :)

  9. 1. Under-experience: You are NOT alone;
    2. Headless chickens: Yes they DO run/jump/flop around!
    3. I accept your triple-dog dare!

    Dad ♥

  10. I am with you too! Every year the holidays seem to be a source of stress for me - to make every thing perfect for the memories! I accept your triple-dog dare too!!!


  11. Dad - Thank you! And eww all over again about the chickens! :)

    Meg - Thanks for stopping by, and yay for taking the dare! I'm trying to focus and stick with the dare myself. Some days are easier than others, but those slowed-down days are worth it!

  12. Amen! I'm leading our Bible study ladies through a series I wrote for Passion week. I want to challenge them to find Jesus, in a deeper way that week. ~Heidi

  13. Amen. I find the Easter holiday a little easier to beat the commercialism, more so than Christmas, but not by much. I love how you stated it: Focus on the POWER rather than the PRESENTATION. Love it.

    And, yes, chickens really do do that! (eww!)

  14. @Heidi - How exciting to write a series like that! Have fun teaching. :)

    @Got2havefaith - Thanks; I'm trying to stay focused here! We're all trying, wherever we are. :) Blessings! (And eww again, chickens! Haha!)