Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Miracles

Tonight, a simple thought from a simple woman.

Sometimes things look like no big deal. A seed, a bud. . .

A boy and a girl. Small potatoes!

And so it goes: One lone Man, abandoned by His friends. One solitary tree, rough hewn and cruel.

One single death. One dark afternoon.

Small potatoes.

What does it mean for us, with cars and smartphones and mortgages? The death of One thousands of years ago -- whose idea was it to make this a holiday?

Who cares to celebrate a bleak Good Friday?

Blossoms spring into bloom.
Boys stretch into men.
Girls transform into women.
It's reality and miracle all at once.
Are you breathless yet?

And so the dead Christ breathes, eats, walks again.

Wakening from winter's sleep, nature teaches Easter's lesson: He is risen.

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