Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyday Learning

Y'know, it really is true that you learn something new every day. Once when I was a not-quite-teenager, some friends and I decided to assert our independence and walk to a guy friend's house. A mile away. Without permission. And then we stayed 'til after dark.

Because of that, I almost didn't make it to my teenage years. You see, our families thought the three of us were lost, and if you think I came home to parents who applauded that move of stubborn defiance. . . well, you'd be mistaken. I was grounded for nearly 10 years. (Or maybe it was a week.)

The moral of that story? Cell phones were invented too late in my life to be of any real value.

As a mom, I usually consider myself to be the teacher around here -- instructing my kids about life, liberty, and how not to be stupid when they're 12. 

But our relationship really isn't that simple. I work with my kids, and they work with me. And every day, utterly without fail, they teach me. Here's just a sampling of the wisdom my kids have shared recently:

1) If you suddenly discover you can't open your oven door, don't panic. Just check to see which superhero might be trapped on the ledge.

In this case, it was Aqualad. And Little Man quickly informed me that he wasn't trapped; he was just working on his supercomputer. Naturally.

2) Never leave a toddler unattended. Ever. (Forget all that stuff about independence.) If you do leave a toddler unattended, know this: She will find food, eat it, and make a terrific mess.

Here, Royal Princess has just hijacked a half-eaten Swiss Cake Roll. (Don't judge.)

3) Worms are fun. You won't die from picking one up, and most worms won't bite you or adopt your body as a host. (Eww!)

They're also long and stretchy, kind of like a rubber band.

And like a rubber band, they'll break if you stretch 'em too far. (Sorry, Mr. Worm!) Thankfully, they can grow their hind parts back. (Aren't you glad you visited ShoeFitz today? All this education, totally free. . .)

As an added bonus, here's something I learned all on my own:

4) Hair dye gone astray can make your bathroom look like a murder scene. Or something even worse.

Shower curtain, with a new hair color.

I give you my solemn word as Ye Olde Preacher's Wife -- it's just hair dye.

And now, since I'm pretty sure this isn't a super appropriate Holy-Week post, I'll leave you alone with your thoughts. Maybe tomorrow there'll be a moral to the story. But today, I'm just. . .

Still learning,

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  1. Kids definitely teach adults. The innocence in which they see things. I love listening to what they have to say and , sometimes the questions they ask throw me.

  2. Thanks, Tammy! Kids amaze me, too. :)

  3. Sounds exactly like my place...and my little girl likes worms to boot...oh well. :) xo