Friday, April 15, 2011

Balancing Act

I have a philosophy here at ShoeFitz, a little motto that gives me some direction. Mind you, I seldom really have a plan, but a motto might be a good start, right?

So here it is: If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything.

How's that for a blog post?

(Spread the word.)

It's just that I'm having this kind of week/month/life:
To-Do: Get back to work.
Can you relate? Yes, you live around here, too. You can relate. 

When you're busy with one thing, you're pulled toward another. While you're working at #34 on your To-Do list, you're hurrying to get to #38. You say yes five times to five people, but can only accomplish four; instead of focusing on the four successes -- it's number five that wears on you.

You've been there. 

And you know, usually I'm such a fountain of good advice. (You: *spitting coffee all over your computer screen*) (Sorry about that.)


But tonight, I'm just wondering how, where, and when I'll finally find balance in this life. (Is it ok to struggle honestly on my blog for a minute?) At thirty-something years old, the only thing I've figured out how to balance is the pile of papers on my desk. And even that's about to topple.

So friend, a question for the ages: How do you balance this life? Even if you don't have all the answers, maybe we'll make it through better if we stick together.

Maybe changing that motto,

P.S. -- For those without a blog or Google Account, you can still leave a comment if you'd like to do so. Anonymous notes don't bother me one bit, or you can comment with your (first!) name under Name/URL (even if you don't have a URL). Or you can just grab yourself a piece of cheesecake and forget all about balance and ShoeFitz. Whatever works for you!


  1. Balance?! You mean that actually exists?? I've been trying to find balance and all I find is chaos. Though I suppose 5 kiddos (6 if you count Mr.Blue HAHA) a dog and a cat and a three bedroom home will do that for ya huh....

    I wish you luck in your quest for balance... if you find that mythical creature please cage it and share the sight with the world. I wouldn't even mind having to pay admission for that!


  2. Thanks, Blue! If I find it, I'll be sure to keep you posted. ;)

  3. I have attempted to find balance all my life. It is hard, for there is always something or someone to interfer with your space, to cause you to loose that perfect balance. It has happen to me so many times that I do just get quiet, until they enter that 2 feet space that is my space given to me.Then who is to say anymore what I would do, With some people I have tried it all. That is when I ask myself is this a test? For at some point I realize that it is not worth the efford of getting them to see life as I do.As for the piles of junk, that we gather up, I have seen much worse then your pile of papers. It is okay as long as you remember what is in that pile. I clean house for people who have a machine that cuts up all the paper be proud of your pile, for it is nothing.LOL

  4. Anonymous -- It seems like the more I search for balance, the farther away it runs. And my pile is a little smaller this week, so I'm grateful! :)