Friday, April 8, 2011

Same Old Story

The other day, I posted a sad pout about my Royal Princess. Remember? *sigh*

Today, since it's Friday (and no, I'm not linking to that song, reader), and nobody wants to cry on Friday -- let's finish the week with a little glimpse of Little Man.

Here he is in his Ninja phase:
(Note: Little Man looked at that picture this morning and said, "Where's my face?!")

And of course the Mad Scientist pose:
*He lives! He LIVES!*

Y'know, most days Little Man is pretty much a Big Kid. (You remember when five was big stuff, don't you?)

And then other days. . .
I'm not so sure.

You saw that, didn't you? That hint of a shadow of the chubby baby cheeks he used to have?

So never mind about all that Big-Kid stuff. 
*Can I keep him, Mom? I promise I'll feed him!*

Happy Friday anyhow,

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