Thursday, May 19, 2011


Confession: Sometimes the blank page and blinking cursor of my blog still intimidate me. And then I remember I already told you about this and that, so really, how much worse could it get?

Hello? *knock, knock* Are you still there?

Anyway, you'll be happy to know that random thought has absolutely, positively nothing to do with my post tonight. Here's the real deal:

I used to take pictures of my adorable Little Man all the time. What a cutie!

Cute son, about two years old
But lately, when it comes time to take pictures of my kidlets. . .

Batman, about four years old
All I can find. . .

Superman, five years old
Are these superhero guys. And really, that wouldn't be so bad, except that whatever has transformed my Little Man into a superhero. . .

Superman and SuperWhyBatGirl?
Seems to maybe be --


But y'know, this afternoon as we were perusing her baby pictures, Royal Princess casually broke out singing the ABC's. All of a sudden and without fanfare, she shocked her mama with alphabet knowledge.

And do you know who taught her those letters? That's right - the same boy who taught her how to wear a superhero mask. 

So I'm thankful for Little Man's influence on his baby sister. Even, I suppose, dressing her in costumes. (The shoes were her own idea!)

Someday I'll miss this madness. Until then, I'm just -

Catching the moments,


  1. Seeing these pictures just re-inforces the fact that I miss them so very much. Just a few more days...yeah!!
    Oh and does Little Princess have her brother's shoes on the wrong feet, or is it just me? :) Good try Princess!

  2. LOL - Yes, her shoes are definitely on the wrong feet! She seems to like them best that way. ;) Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  3. I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my post to accept:

    By the way, I LOVE the Super Why mask! :) My daughter wears her Big Brother's, too.

  4. Your kids are beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yours is great and I'm having a ball reading it! Come visit me soon!

  5. Hilary - Thank you so much! How fun. :)

    Chere - Thank you, and you're welcome! LOL - Your blog is fun to read, and you inspire me to be more intentional in parenting. :)