Sunday, May 15, 2011

Worth the Wait

Well, friends, here we are again! Did you miss me? I'm sorry to have neglected you so heartlessly! It's just been one of those months. Y'know?

But now classes are finished (or moderately less insane) for a bit, and I'm back to my old tricks. Too bad for you!

Tonight, I have some crazy life moments to share. Maybe they're gifts. Or maybe I just live in the Twilight Zone. Either way, they made me laugh! And maybe they'll make you spit coffee all over your monitor or something.

(Send pictures.)

1) Several weeks ago, my kids' Pawp and Nauni came for a visit. For three days, Little Man and Her Royal Princessness did nothing but eat pizza, dress up in superhero costumes with cousin Tough Guy, and fight like the dickens.

It was awesome.  (No Princesses were injured in the making of this blog.)

The last morning of their visit, we met at Tudor's Biscuit World for breakfast. As we sat inside looking out at the drive-thru, we noticed a police car. Royal Princess said, "Powice!"

The end.

(As if you should be so lucky!)

While everyone else ate their biscuits and gravy, I daydreamed, staring out the window. And then I noticed...

The policeman -- y'know, the one stopping for a quick biscuit sandwich and a strong cup of coffee? -- he had someone in the back of his cruiser.

The way I see it, there are two possibilities here. Either the officer had a buddy riding along for kicks in the back seat (unlikely, but possible). Or some unsuspecting criminal was forced to stop at Tudor's on his way to the slammer.

All I know is this: The policeman only got one bag and one drink. (Yes, I was watching. What about it?) I'm thinkin' Mr. Guilty Party went to jail hungry.

2) Two weeks ago, some church friends and I went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We had a fabulous time, and really there wouldn't be anything at all to tell, except that I went to the ladies' room. Where there was a baby changing station. No big deal, right?

Wrong: it just me, or does that picture bring all kinds of snarkiness to the front of your mind? A mama elephant? With her back turned, while her elephant baby does his business in the bushes? Wearing a diaper? Wow.

Why didn't I come up with that idea first?! Genius.

And since it's getting late, I'll leave you with one last story. The deepest of them all, and possibly the strangest. . .

3) I was in a hurry last week when I bought my son's toothpaste.

(At least I did ok in the toothbrush department.)

And that's just part of the story from these last few weeks. Was it worth the wait?

My mother taught me better than this,


  1. The elephant made me laugh! I did not see the humor in it till you pointed out what the little elle' was doing. Too funny...and yes your Mom made some flubbs too...she was just too embarrassed to tell people. Love ya bunches.

  2. Thanks, Mom! Thankfully Little Man's easy to get along with; he said Dora toothpaste is "cool." Haha! :)