Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be Careful, Little You

I know I'm totally alone in this, but my kiddos. . .

They follow me everywhere. And everything they see me do, they try their best to emulate. The Preacher and I are readers, so:
Isn't that sweet? So sweet. And maybe, possibly just a tad overwhelming.

In entirely unrelated news, something strange has come over my camera lately. For instance, I didn't take this photo --
Or this interesting under-the-bunk-bed shot. 
And to be honest, after looking at this one. . .
I'm starting to think one of my kidlets has watched me take a few too many pictures lately.

(Wonder which child it could be?)

I think we need to print off copies of these pictures and post them around the house. It's not that they're masterful or beautiful or even particularly focused. But they're an awful good reminder for this sleepy mama:

Be careful, little Becki, what you do. 

Sharing the camera,


  1. Your kids are so sweet. That one of your little girl with the book is priceless. I've discovered some pictures my kids have taken over the years, too. It's funny what they think is "picture worthy".

    So glad you joined us today, I hope you'll come back and share again.

    Hope you have a great day!!


  2. Hi, Erin! Glad to know my kids aren't the only little camera-snatchers. Haha!

    Your blog is so much fun! Thanks for inviting me. :)

  3. That's such a scary thought.. I'll never be ready to have kids if they learn from MY example.. never.

  4. You may surprise yourself! Kids imitate your better habits, too. . . just not so quickly. ;) And I'm not sure anyone is ever fully ready to have kids. It's like trying to prepare for a dive into a lake. In February. In Siberia!

    What I mean is -- kids will surprise you, ready or not. :)

  5. Is it me....or does Little Man look like a space alien?

  6. He definitely does! Maybe it wasn't one of my kids after all. . . :)