Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reteaching Moses

Tonight, reader, pay careful attention. Grab your glasses, and make sure you're seated. This could get ugly!

Just kidding. But try to pay attention anyway. 

Today during nursery Sunday school, Royal Princess scrounged up a coloring page someone had forgotten. It was a picture of baby Moses, drawn out of the water by Pharaoh's daughter.

Before we can move on, I'm going to need you to take a second look at this picture. Then look one more time. (Don't forget your glasses!)
Is baby Moses really a shrunken man in a hat box? He appears to have pecs. And I think. . . yes, I think that's a five o'clock shadow over his upper lip. Oh dear.

Life Lesson #642: When you do something, do a good job -- even if it's just drawing Moses for a coloring book. You never know when some snooty blogger might come along and expose you, slacker!

When Princess showed me the picture, I did what you do in nursery Sunday school class; I seized that teachable moment and told her an abridged version of Moses' birth and adoption. (You can read the story here, in case you're a little rusty.)

By the end, Princess seemed to understand, and had even learned to say, "Baby Mosey." Finished with school, she strutted off to find the baby stroller.

And she gave her baby a name. Friends -- meet Baby Mosey.

(Hint: He's the one in the stroller.)

Life Lesson #643: If you don't do a good job on those Moses coloring pages, your slacking may confuse an innocent child.

Reteaching Moses tomorrow,


  1. When Bethany was that age, she had a baby doll that she named Jesus. Since she was too young to understand, we just left it alone and now she's forgotten all about it! It's funny how their minds work at this age. :)

  2. Misty - Too funny! They're entertaining at this age, that's for sure. :)