Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Angel

Today Little Man was feverish, so he took it easy. What that meant for me was that I did tons of housework; somehow, having one less kiddo hanging on my leg helped me move faster.

What it meant for Royal Princess was that she had to occupy herself. (I heard you gasp. And laugh.)

(You're absolutely right.)

A busy almost-two-year-old is a dangerous little thing, especially when mommy is busy with this. . .

And this. . .

I kept Royal Princess occupied with bread for a few minutes. But for an almost-two-year-old, nothing lasts long. Least of all bread.

When she finished snacking, Royal Princess ran off to play quietly in her room. I felt like a success, teaching my daughter independence and creativity. But reader. . .

I was deceived. Ohhh, was I deceived!

Little Man made the sad discovery. "Uh, Mommyyyyy! Royal Princess* did something!"

Friend, she was proud of her work. So proud. But I gave her a stern talking-to. I fussed and lectured; I stood firm, a stout disciplinarian in the face of chaos.

Ok, so not really.

What I really did. . . was laugh. And take pictures.

Tell me: What would you have done?

Hoodwinked by this golden-haired girl,

*Names changed to protect the innocent


  1. She is so cute. She does look proud of her work.

  2. Thank you! She enjoys being a rascal. Haha! :)

  3. heh... i KNOW that feeling except for some reason my kids fascination is always to unroll it INTO the toilet! HAHA

  4. You always have to be careful when they are quiet, always up to something.

  5. JoAnn - So right! I've learned my lesson. . . maybe. :)