Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waking Up

After junior high, I pretty well stopped being a bandwagon person. For instance:

I don't own an iPhone. I don't wear Uggs. I'm not on a diet. And I don't have a blog. (Never mind.)

But a few weeks ago, I had a bandwagon urge I just could not resist. My friends jumped off a bridge, and strangely enough . . . so did I.

(Figuratively speaking. No worries!)

I bought One Thousand Gifts.

If you don't own a copy, I'm sorry to announce that:       1) I'm not having a giveaway because 2) my extra copy is already borrowed. But I'm not sorry to announce that: 1) You should get a copy anyhow because 2) seriously, it's only $9!

In the spirit of One Thousand Gifts, I thought I'd share a few treasures from our lives this week. Searching for them in the everyday muddle of sickness and clutter has made a difference for us; I pray they bring you a smile, too:

#355 - My spirited Princess, who'd rather take a nap than apologize. Yes, again.

#356 - Coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

#358 - Shiny wood floors, smudged by tiny feet.

#372 - The Royal Princess' tutu.

#373 - The way a church gathers around those who grieve.

Isn't it strange that as our church family prepares for a beloved member's funeral, the list still grows? The comfort, generosity, selflessness, and love that emerge from grief -- those truly are gifts.

Are you looking for your gifts this week?

Searching everywhere,

*Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for helping open my eyes.


  1. the gifts are everywhere, aren't they?!

  2. I'm like you -- not a bandwagon gal, but I'm on this one. I so much enjoyed your list, and so glad I stopped by to visit! You were a blessing to me!

  3. Lib - Yes! It's a real miracle what you see when you're looking. :)

    Cora - Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad the Father led Ann Voskamp to write her book, and each of us to read it. It's truly changed the way I look at life.