Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Did you ever have a Best Cousin, way back in the days you ran barefoot outside all summer?

If you're like me, summer was one long slumber party with your Best Cousin; while you were supposed to be sleeping, you were really arguing over who was going to marry Davy Jones or Corey Haim. You were playing M.A.S.H., heartlessly mocking the one destined to raise 17 children in a shack.

You can relate to that, right? Right??

(So this is where other bloggers might say *ahem*, but you know how I feel about that. Moving right along. . .)

Since we live six hours from family, our visits home give Little Man and Royal Princess precious opportunities to spend time with cousins. This week, we spent four days with them - four days full of Legos:
And dogs (waiting impatiently for dropped cookies):
And just a little coloring on the floor.*
For four days, cousins played, fought, argued, giggled, and did a few unpleasant things related to the stomach bug. (I'll spare you the details. You're welcome.)

And as we come to the end of this visit, I know two things for certain:

1) I'm very thankful for family; and

2) Royal Princess speaks for all of us (minus, maybe, the cheese-curl face):
So, so ready for bed,

*No carpet was damaged in the making of this photo.


  1. LOL.... thanks for more giggles.... stillll thinking BOOK! haha.
    I remember staying with my grandparents in KY and all of us (me sis cousin and grandparents) craming intot he reliable ol motor home and hittin all the bluegrass festivals you can imagine. :D And yes M.A.S.H. HAHAHA those were the days!

  2. This is hilarious :) And yes, I have two best cousins actually!

  3. Blue - Hilarious! There's nothing like memories of family to make you laugh. :)

    Stephanie - Thank you! And yay for cousins.