Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To Be Honest

As we discussed last week, it's a fact of life that kiddos need supervision. Given time and freedom to explore, children will stumble into mischief. They might, like Little Man, turn into aspiring photographers.

Brushing my teeth as Little Man snaps a picture.
(And so I pay the debt to my children by posting a ridiculous picture of myself, too.)


Other times, kidlets may make a mess and try to hide the evidence. Last week I printed a schedule onto what I thought was clean white paper:

Notice how the words printed onto the stickers? Which came first: the printing or the eggs?

And then there are days when mommy goes shopping solo -- when The Preacher keeps both kids so mommy can live a carseat- and sippy-cup-free afternoon.

Mommy returns home, two shopping bags heavier (and $20 lighter), to find another surprise. . .

(Yes, worry warts -- that's chocolate pudding. What else would it be? Sheesh.)

Someone asked me recently whether I thought a person could ever be ready for parenthood. After all, how could you possibly prepare for this stuff? My response was that you can, and should, spend time preparing:
your marriage,
your stability,
your cooking,
your budget,
and your mental health. (Among other things.)

But the truth is. . .

You'll never, ever be ready for kids.

That's half the fun of it. 

Learning to like surprises,

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  1. I love the Princesses' pudding facial. :)