Monday, March 7, 2011

What Fitz?

Pop quiz: List everything you own. Go!

^^You feel like one of those little cupcakes right about now, don't you?
Today on my way home from the store, I watched as a slouched man with a mop of white hair shoved his grocery cart down the street.

Now, when The Preacher pastored in Baltimore, it was very common for us to see homeless people. But here, outside the big city and far from the eastern seaboard, I was struck.

I said to myself (Yes, aloud -- Don't judge!): "That man knows everything he owns - because he needs it." 

That ten-second experience made me wonder: What would fit in my cart? What do I have now that I would need and use then?

Over the summer, Little Man trapped Royal Princess in a pile of random things he'd found in his room. This was the aftermath:

Needless to say, we've got more stuff than we can list. In thinking about this "cart" thing, it occurs to me that I have stupid ideas about what I'd take. My Mac, phone, books, and coffee? Seriously?

And what about all the rest of it?

When spring cleaning gets rolling this month, it's time for me to purge and donate again. If we don't treasure it, use it, or even remember that it exists most days -- it deserves a better home.

Keeping just what fitz,


  1. Very convicting. Imagine being able to name every thing we owned. And to think of all the stuff I have around my house that I don't need.

    Your kids are so cute!

    Also, I wanted to invite you for my weekly link up called Mama's Heart. Mom's getting together each Thursday, sharing their hearts. Love to have you join :) Here's more info:


  2. Thank you, Erin! I needed that experience to remind me that we have enough (and more), and that maybe spring cleaning should start before spring!

    I am so enjoying your blog. You're a gifted writer. :)