Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Write

Today has been a day of firsts - not exactly the sort that inspire you to write, but firsts nonetheless. After a day of fevers and more Things Unmentionable, my inspiration was flagging.

Then I decided to drive my poor sick Preacher home from church tonight. Suddenly, inspiration hit me! Or more like . . . turned on its flashing lights and pulled me over.

(FYI for those who've never seen one: That's the backside of a warning.)

When the police car behind me turned on his lights, I nearly fainted. But as I pulled off the road, I had this thought: By divine Providence, The Preacher and I were recently obsessed with Parking Wars. If you've ever seen that show, you know why we made sure the registration and insurance were in the car.

After we found our paperwork, I momentarily lost my head and unbuckled my seatbelt. Panic! Click it or ticket, Becki!! So I rebuckled it.

(I know - exciting, right? It gets better. Tomorrow.)

By the time the officer came back with my warning for expired plates, Little Man and Royal Princess were both giggling excitedly. Little Man said, "Mommy, I thought he was gonna take you guys away!" I joked with the officer about my children's giggling; but considering he was in danger of losing his latter parts to passing traffic, he didn't find it funny.

So at the end of my first brush with the law, I'm thankful to report that: 1) A warning doesn't cost anything; 2) The police didn't take us away; and 3) Tomorrow's post won't involve the authorities.

Just happy to be home,


  1. LOL.... I got pulled over for that once too... and wasn't so lucky... I got a ticket for mine... and the WORST part is that I TOLD DH to go renew them TWICE and he got a notice in the mail to renew.... this then resulted in me getting my license suspended for failure to pay the ticket because after I got the ticket we moved and DH never went and paid it at the courthouse. My license was suspended for 2 years because of that i think.... and resulted in some hefty fees and a lot of hoop jumping to get it cleared up from out of state! LOL

  2. Mrs. Fitzwater! I know officially want to make a blog on here because I love this and I love you!

    Love, Stephanie :)

  3. Blue - Yikes! My poor Preacher felt terrible that it was expired. :(

    Stephanie - I think you definitely should! You'll love blogging. :) And thank you so much. I love you, too!