Thursday, March 17, 2011


We've been busy this week, friends. So. Very. Busy.

If I'm not mistaken, so have you.

Even Royal Princess has worked more than usual this week. And if you know anything about almost-two-year-olds, you know how remarkable that is.

Little Man has run full-speed all week, too. Busy with learning, building, fighting, and playing, he's hardly slowed down enough to sleep. 

At the end of this busy week, I'm in sore need of inspiration. And coffee. And renewal. And coffee.

Maybe you're there, too?

So this weekend, as a mother (not yours, but still a mother) I'm telling you: It's time to relax. Maybe step outside your door and have an adventure.

Or just curl up with a buddy for a few minutes' peace.

(Yes, that's a picture of my children watching television. Don't judge!)

Whatever you do, enjoy the days you've been given. Try to slow down a bit, and give your loved ones your very best.

No, workaholic -- not just your best work. Instead, let's all try giving them our best time instead. That's the way to build memories.

That's the way to build a life.

Taking a timeout,

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