Sunday, March 27, 2011


Reader, have you ever lost anything?

Once in college, I was shopping in the Walmart bakery (Don't judge!) and walked away from my cart for a second. Turning back around, I discovered to my dismay that someone had taken my cart.

Later that day, a Walmart associate found my cart -- complete with purse, keys, and money -- safe and sound in the yarn aisle. Some dear knitter had apparently wandered off with it, not realizing she was a purse snatcher. Poor thing! I've often wondered what she looked like. Thoughts?

Losing something makes you appreciate it more, doesn't it? Several days ago, one of my eyes got a little blurry for reasons that have nothing to do with you, Gene Simmons, or the price of cheese in Belgium. Suffice it to say, things just weren't quite right.

I'm happy to report that prayer, grace, and a good night's sleep restored everything to normal. But do you know what that experience did? Yes, it made me happy to have already scheduled an eye appointment. More importantly, though. . .

That experience made me appreciate the things I see.

Take this, for instance:
The floor is smudged! No, that's not an invitation for you to say something reassuring about my housekeeping. (Although if you wanted to, I could give you my address; it's nice to have it in writing.)

The truth is, friend, that my floor is smudged for a good reason. Look at those tiny feet!

What a gift to see it clearly: the bare heels, the crinoline dress, the sunlight-stained floors.

To see my Princess' spunk, cheeks red from a springtime cold. . .

To live here in this place, right now, making memories and lifetimes out of moments and days --

That's a gift, and I need to say again to the God who graces me unconditionally, undeservedly:

Thank You.

Thank You every day.

Finding lots of good reasons not to mop,

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  1. I know I probably would have done the same thing with your cart. On an impulse, without even thinking, I'd run (no, walk quickly trying to look normal) out of the store, leaving the cart in the yarn aisle. I'd be paranoid for days, knowing I was caught on video surveilance and that at any moment the police would be at my door.

    Loved those little feet. And as for the smudges???? You wouldn't want her slipping on slippery, shiney, just waxed floors now would you????? Soooooo precious. Just a perfect picture!!!

    Thanks for sharing. It was so good to be here!